What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Andy’s stories were unique, witty, and totally captivating. His material is personal and, thank goodness, never self-conscious. He combines a warm, easy manner with a commanding, straight-forward delivery. A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable evening from a storyteller with brains and heart.”
– Michael Parent, Portland, Maine (1999 honoree, National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award)

Andy-gesture“Andy Davis is a storyteller of remarkable guile and wit. Andy has a straight-faced, straight-forward, seemingly innocent way of delivering the most outlandish tales I’ve ever heard. He’s three-quarters of the way through it when I realize I’ve been had! Again! Why do I keep falling for this? Because he’s so good at charming his audience and making us groan with recognition and laugh at ourselves. That’s what the teller of a good story does. Andy is one of the best.”
–Joanne Piazzi, storyteller and host of the ‘Storytelling in the Pantry’ series, Rochester, New Hampshire

“Andy is the best darned tall-tale teller in New England!”
–Bob Reiser, storyteller and author, Easthampton, Massachusetts

“I am so glad I came, it was lovely to see you perform.  I thought you were great; I love your style of magic realism, the personal and the fantastic. Dali, Garcia Marquez and the short story writer Toure, kept coming to mind.  Your stories are very literary as well.”
–Caraid O’Brien, playwright, actor, translator, New York, New York

“Andy Davis starts to tell a tale, and the room is very quickly peopled with the most outlandish creatures: traditional characters, mischievous goblins…even a few politicians! He transforms the room into a magic stage.”
–Gilles Boury, Lycee Liberte in Bamako, Mali

“Andy Davis tells delightful stories. Unexpected things happen in them in charming ways. Our patients enjoyed him very much.”
–Joan Benjamin Farren, Senior Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Youville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Andy-stf“I love the way your playful, warped mind operates.”
–Bruce Marcus, storyteller, Malden, Massachusetts

“Andy Davis…entranced those who braved the rain and wind with a variety of stories and poems from Ireland and Scotland. Andy used verbal dexterity, delightful turns of phrase, and physicality to illustrate the stories, at one point even standing on his head! I was engaged and entertained for the entire performance, and would gladly ask Andy to come back and perform for Seanachie Nights again.”
–Lynne Cullen. Producer, Seanachie Nights Storytelling Series, Portland, Maine

“What!  Didn’t quite catch that because your English isn’t good enough? Just look! Yes, it does look like a withering tree.  A gander? Have no fear. You’ll figure it out eventually. Just LOOK at Andy Davis! The words are there. But so is the rest … These are the words of wisdom I dispensed to my students in Paris before Andy Davis’s remarkable storytelling presentation on January 11 2006. The smiles, smirks, laughs and chuckles I later heard from them during the presentation were far more telling than words. Thank you Andy.”
–Florence Mayo-Quenette, English faculty, Ecole Nationale Superière de Techniques Avancees (ENSTA), Paris, France

Andy-pointing“Mr. Davis kept the audience amused and enthralled with his stories. He has a gift for drawing the audience into the story with him and creating scenarios that are interesting and funny. A good storyteller is part actor and Andy used his acting skills in the telling of his stories. We look forward to having him return. It was a delightful evening.”
–Kathleen LaFave, Director of Resident Services, Riverwoods at Exeter (NH) Retirement Community

“Thank you, Andy, for a great and beautiful evening. We could all use more of your tales.”
–Linda Havel, guest host of the “Forever Blue” Storytelling Series at the Out of the Blue Gallery, Cambridge, MA

“Thank you so much for helping make our open house a success! I got so many comments about how much everyone enjoyed your storytelling.”
–Carrie Costello, Believe in Books Literacy Foundation, Intervale, New Hampshire

“Andy Davis tells stories with humor and enthusiasm. His love of this ancient art is infectious.”
–Olga Morrill, children’s librarian and storyteller, Conway (NH) Public Library

“Andy Davis is a truly amazing storyteller. He tells his stories with such enthusiasm and changes his voice for every character. I love the way he pauses at points to make the story more suspenseful. It is great how he fills you in on some things, such as words and their meanings (if he uses another language in the story) and a little bit of information about the story, before he begins. Mr. Davis tells the story in such a way that it drags you into the story and makes you feel like you are really there.  It was a great experience, and very fun, too!”
–Carolyn Obery, Grade 7, Greely Middle School, Cumberland Center, Maine

Andy-wf“Andy Davis’ storytelling had my students – and me – hanging on his every word!  They were able to make great connections to their social studies learning while enjoying a wonderful performance!”
–Anne Catherine Ervin, Grade 7 Humanities Teacher, Greely Middle School, Cumberland Center, Maine

“Andy Davis is an excellent storyteller.  The stories he tells are obviously well thought out and well chosen. Also, the way he chose to tell these stories was imaginative.  For us, he took three stories and put a story within a story leaving the first to tell the second on a cliff.  This might sound confusing, but he made sure we knew what story he was telling by turning in between each one. His great acting had an impact as well. He had many character voices, all very different. I hope he comes again!”
–Erica Green, Grade 7, Greely Middle School, Cumberland Center, Maine

“Andy Davis is a wonderful storyteller. With illustrative movements and just the right words he makes it easy to create a mental image of what’s going on in the story. Andy has a unique way of telling an amazing and capturing story, yet giving lots of good information on the Middle East, or wherever the story takes place. He also can take many different stories and combine them into one.”
–Anna Dedon, Grade 7, Greely Middle School, Cumberland Center, Maine

“Andy, I want to thank you for coming to the La Mesa Library.  We enjoyed your stories greatly!  It was a joy to see the faces of the children as they listened to your stories because you could see them imagining what you described.  Also, the teens in the audience enjoyed the program, which is always an accomplishment!  Your program was a great way to start the holiday season.”
–Anna Hartman, Children’s Librarian, La Mesa (California) Library

“I can’t stress enough how valuable and delightful your visit was.”
–Ishi Hayes, Reading Specialist, Kennett High School, North Conway, NH